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Capshield Maxx Chewable Dog 26-45lb 6ct

Capshield Maxx Chewable Dog 26-45lb 6ct

Brand: CapShield
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CapShield Maxx for Dogs from 26-45 lbs is a once a month supplement that provides protection from fleas. It works by killing adult fleas when they bite. These tabs are beef flavored for easy administration. For oral use in dogs over 8 weeks only.

CapShield Maxx is a skin supplement intended for extended flea protection. Each tablet includes a combination of Nitinpyram and Lufenuron. Nitenpyram starts to work within 30 minutes to kill any fleas on your pet, without any residual after 24 hours. Lufenuron is an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) that stays in the bloodstream for about 30 days. After the first day, any new flea to land on the dog and take a blood feed will not fully reproduce, thus ENDING THE FLEA LIFE-CYCLE. Capshield Maxx is the only way to introduce a long-term IGR into the animal’s environment as the sun breaks down IGR in yard sprays within a day.

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